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Join a committee!


Want to get more involved in Philippines’s sustainable building community and work to build meaningful change? 


Getting involved with Passivhaus Philippines is one of the best ways you can help build a sustainable Philippines. Committees meet once a month over Zoom for approximately an hour. Additional work between meetings fluctuates mostly based on tasks and feedback you agree to. Anyone sitting on a committee must be a member.


We have the following standing committees:


Support sustainable building training development in Philippines with a special focus on being a repository of all available Passive House training courses, organizing building tours and other events.

Membership / IT

Helps manage member registrations, renewals, portal and directory.


Liase between local stakeholders with international and experienced Certified Passive House professionals to help make their projects meet Passive House standard.


Helps to promote not only Passive House, but sustainable building practices in Philippines more generally.


Lobby and campaign for necessary actions from government, corporations, and organizations for Philippines to be sustainably built through Passive House standard.


Helps to identify sponsors and to build relationships with others in the sector to strengthen our collective ability to build sustainably.

Email to volunteer!

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