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Passivhaus Philippines

Passivhaus Philippines is an advocacy group of Passive House stakeholders (architects, engineers, planners, policymakers, contractors, academe, suppliers, and public) in the Philippines. We work to promote the Passive House Standard and foster a greater public understanding of highly energy efficient buildings that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and provides resilient structures that can withstand extreme weather related to climate change.

Our mission is to make the International Passive House standard of building performance understood, achievable, and adopted by stakeholders in the Philippines through education, certification, and advocacy.

EDUCATION - Promote building science and Passive House training courses to support the uptake and development of Passive House standard in the Philippines.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Support all parts of the supply chain to deliver Passive House projects in the Philippines. Our support ranges from the maintenance of our data and research library to providing best-practice building science and building enclosure consulting to produce comfortable, healthy and durable buildings. 

ADVOCACY - Support local governments and other organizations meet their Sustainable Development Goals through adoption of the Passive House standard.


Passive House Principles

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Passive House Criteria


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